Pecunix Currency

Pecunix is…

Pecunix is a gold based currency and payment solution that allows people on opposite sides of the world to make and receive payments instantly via the Internet.

Pecunix, here to stay

  • You can buy goods and services with Pecunix.

  • You can sell goods and services with Pecunix.

  • You can convert Pecunix to national currencies.

  • You can convert national currencies to Pecunix

Pecunix, world wide money

Pecunix is money, but it is money that has been refined to meet the needs of a world where business is no longer constrained by borders.

  • Pecunix is without borders : Sell anywhere via the easy-to-use Internet interface .

  • Pecunix payments are non-repudiable : Payment fraud and charge-backs are things of the past.

  • Pecunix is secure : There are no ‘lost’ payments and unparalleled data encryption keeps transaction details private.

  • Pecunix is fast and flexible : Payments clear instantly so you have access to your money straight away.

  • Pecunix is cost-effective : Fees are low with no fraud costs to blow margins.

  • Pecunix opens up new markets : Pecunix account holders look for merchants who accept Pecunix.

  • Pecunix makes it simple for online merchants to
    set up payment options – at no additional cost – without affecting their existing payment systems. In less than a minute you can create a form or a link to accept Pecunix payments for online services.

Pecunix, no barriers to entry

It costs nothing to open an Pecunix account. There is no credit check. There is no minimum balance requirement. There is no concept of a “merchant account” in that all Pecunix accounts may Spend Pecunix or receive Pecunix payments.
In short, you are minutes away from opening your first Pecunix account.