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BlueCoins plan is based on getting issues. In this system every person after filling
form and then refering to Upgrade page in his personal page and pay $3 from his
e-gold account , will join us.
After that you must suggest 3 friends to this plan, and with every
upgraded person you will earn $1.2 (Direct Persons) and you will
earn $0.3 from you indirect persons in levels 4,6,8,10 , at the end of
your tree you will earn nearly $19900.

1) For cash out your money (for each upgraded persons) you must have
at least $2 in your cash balance and you can refer to the withdraw
part and cash it out. it will be in your e-gold account after 12 business hours.
2) In this plan there is no limited lows for every person , it means
that you can have as many as accounts you wish !