Intgold Currency Page

IntGold is…

IntGold (Internet Gold Inc.) is a digital currency, online payment system, debit card service, and IntGold account processor. Internet Gold Inc. also is sole owner of the InGoldcard ATM debit card and InGoldcard VISA debit card system.

IntGold, here to stay

IntGold offer a range of funding options from cashier’s checks to credit cards. Use the acct. funding option for more information.

IntGold, world wide money

IntGold is money, but it is money that has been refined to meet the needs of a world where business is no longer constrained by borders.


IntGold, no barriers to entry

It costs nothing to open an IntGold account. There is no credit check. There is no minimum balance requirement. There is no concept of a “merchant account” in that all IntGold accounts may Spend IntGold or receive IntGold payments.
In short, you are minutes away from opening your first IntGold account.