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E-Currencies or electronic currencies are one of the most modern technological advancements in the field of banking and transaction. We are accustomed to old and archaic forms of banking transactions, that means buying and selling of items hand in hand, with the cash or card option. This practice has been prevalent for many years now, people from all over the world are acquainted with i. but in recent times, various micro currencies like Bitcoin have entered the transaction market and is making heavy progress with the flow of time. They are beneficial, fast and innovative to say the least. E-commerce and e-currencies are the keys to completely changing the modern way of transaction in this world. There is also some excellent news for people that like to gamble online as well. Lately, we have witnessed a rise in online casino sites that offer transactions in cryptocurrency. One such site that it is worth checking out is CasinoEnLigneBelge. You can expect a great game selection and many microgaming bonuses that you can use to try out some of the games for free.

Latest E-Currencies News

Here is the latest E-currency news:

  • The value of Bitcoin, which the world’s largest E-currency has crossed the $11,000 mark and is going up at a steady pace currently.
  • Bitcoin is slowly progressing in its launching in Australia, and with the new anti-money laundering laws, things are looking positive for Bitcoin.
  • There are currently a number of scammers who are selling a currency named E-Krona, and people are continuously being warned against it. This is quite disappointing because e-currency should’ve been the most secure method of payment without much in the of compromises. Just like online gambling establishments have a very positive reach when it comes to e-currencies. is one of the best poker sites and it can be accessed and played on everything that has an internet connection. Plus they have tons of poker bonuses that you can use to your own advantage and get payouts in Bitcoin.

Types of Digital Currencies

There are a number of digital currencies that are available in the world. The three most popular amongst them are:

LITECOIN: Litecoin is the second most popular form of digital currency in the world, right after Bitcoin. This company was found by Charlie Lee, and today has an estimated value of 2.63 billion dollars. This is a global payment form that is not controlled by any type of central authority, making it one of the best digital currencies in the world.

BITCOIN: This is the world’s most popular form of cryptocurrency, with one bitcoin ranging to $11,000 currently. This currency too uses a decentralized form and uses peer-to-peer technology. This Currency was created in the year 2008 and was made by a man named Satoshi Nakamoto which is sort of a pseudo name. No one until this date knows the real name of the owner of this company.

ETHERUEM: ETehereum is another extremely popular cryptocurrency that uses peer-to-peer technology and is decentralized as well. This company was found in 2015, and at this date, this ranks as the third biggest cryptocurrency in the world right after Bitcoin and Litecoin.

History of E-Currencies and How They are Changing the World

When we look into the history of E-currencies in the world, we come across the name David Chaum, who invented the e-currency in the year 1983. He founded a company by the name Digicash, which filed for bankruptcy in the year 1998. His digital currency, by the name e-gold, was the first-ever digital currency to have ever been used. Since then, different types of digital currencies have developed over the years, and some of them are used widely all over the world today.

If you are wondering how digital currencies help the society and online transaction, you must know it makes the process cheaper and quicker. Digital currencies can be used all over the world, internationally, and international bank transfers take up a lot of time. When it comes to the different types of digital currencies, the transfers are done more quickly and at a cheaper rate as well.

It also helps to reduce global remittances. The transaction fees that are estimated all over the world can be reduced by quite a lot with the use of cryptocurrencies. This in return, helps in boosting the social condition of many places and it also helps in boosting the economic condition of several places as well.

Wallets and how can you trade and exchange E-Currencies

When we talk about E-currency exchange regarding the different types of digital currencies (webmoney bitcoins), we need to know about the trading forum where the exchange needs to happen. You can exchange them from trading platforms, direct trading and with the help of brokers. You need to check the reputation and the transaction fees( if any ) that is added to the platform with the help of which you are planning to do the exchange. You also need to check the geographical locations and the exchange rate as well before you do this.

Several famous exchange wallets are filled or exchanged with Webmoney and gold money. You can use the bitcoin for mining, trading, investing and for various other reasons.

How and Where can You Spend Them?

You can spend your different types of digital currencies like Goldmpney Bitcoin in numerous ways. You can use them for investing, you can use them for buying and selling of items and you can also use them for other actions. They have immense value, therefore, no matter what you do, you would probably be successful towards it.

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