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Accepts: e-gold, Ecocash, Virtualgold, e-bullion
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FX Income Line
We offer Stable and Reliable 1%-1.9% daily interest for you and all our previous practice shows that our trading can guarantee this level of interest and eliminate all risks. Our program is working simply: Your investments increase our daily trading limits and we are able to earn more with you. Our average profit is slightly more than 2%/day, so we are able to pay our investors 1%-1.9%/day without any risk.

Accepts: e-gold
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RoboGold is Proud to Announce and Offer REVOLUTIONARY INNOVATIONS :
* Guaranteed Return is 200% - 250% of your investment in 100 days.
* Your Interest is Credited to Your Account EVERY 10 Minutes !
* You can run ANY number of Deposits / Withdrawals Every Day!
* Minimum for Investment is $ 1.00 !

* Minimum for Withdrawal is $ 0.05 !

* You can Cash Out Every 10 Minutes as soon as you earn 5 Cents or More!
* Our AUTOMATED System Processes your Investments and Withdrawals !
Accepts: e-gold
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Receive interest payments automatically every 3 hours. Create an account and start withdrawing interest in the next 3 hours!

The option to choose a different investment plan for every deposit you make. Please refer to our investment plans listed below. Investments are accepted through e-currency e-gold.

For example, if you choose investment plan 3 and let your investment compound for 14.5 days you will be able to withdraw instantly 100% of your principal on day 14.5. Then for the next 65.5 days, all interest that you will earn is pure profit!

Activate the Compound Interest Option at the click of a button.

A user-friendly online compound interest calculator to determine your profit.

Withdraw the interest to your E-Gold Account instantly any time you want.

Earn a 10% commission on referrals to the Opps Club. All accounts which you have referred can be seen in real-time in your Opps Club account.

Investment Plan 1
Earn 0.4% interest every 3 hours for 80 days (3.2% interest over 24 hours) with a minimum investment amount of $5.00. Activate the Compound Interest Option at the click of a button.

Investment Plan 2
Earn 0.5% interest every 3 hours for 80 days (4.0% interest over 24 hours) with a minimum investment amount of $30.00. Activate the Compound Interest Option at the click of a button.

Investment Plan 3
Earn 0.6% interest every 3 hours for 80 days (4.8% interest over 24 hours) with a minimum investment amount of $90.00. Activate the Compound Interest Option at the click of a button.

Accepts: e-gold
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HYIPGOLD.ORG: Daily 99% profit in 14 days. 5% Referral comission, statistic
Accepts: e-gold
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::::::::Hyiplink Business?::::::::
+Hyiplink Daily?-Earn 125-300% Daily
+ Hyiplink Weekly ?-Earn 150-2,000% Weekly
+Hyiplink Monthly ?-Earn 500-5,000% Monthly

Accepts: e-gold
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NO HYIP!This system is based on a true performance, they expacting a very high profit for all Investors who are a part of their project and and there is a guaranty for success.Everyone who calculates can see!!!
Accepts: e-gold, e-Bullion
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++ PLUS - MONEY ++
_(�)_���_ Best - Hyips Monitor _���_(�)_/
_(�)_���_ Best - Hyips Links _���_(�)_/
Accepts: e-gold
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We are paying to our members from 31.00 % to 31.60% every day. Your earnings are not dependent on new money entering the system as is the normal with many hyip programs that have no real investment opportunities, those are commonly known as ponzi schemes meaning that many will lose out to ensure that others gain.
Accepts: egold
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~New HYIP sept.13 Totaly fresh!~
New HYIP 13 sept no minimum deposit!

-10 days deposit, 15-30% daily profit.
-250-500% profit after 10 days.
-All payments are made to your account Daily.
-All transactions are handled via e-gold.
Accepts: egold
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$1,000,000 Egold
Accepts: Egold
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100%+100% Your Deposit
100% + 100% Your Deposit is a investing program, which pay back of money 5% daily (Monday-Friday) from Your deposit for 20 days and plus 100% Your deposite in ending 20 day. Totally 100%+100% Your deposits.
Accepts: e-gold
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180% Returns Per by-weekly
We pay you 180% per month direct to youre-gold or paypal account by-weekly.
Accepts: e-gold, paypal
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238% Returns perMonth!
Nobody can touch us as foras returns and preformance...Nobody!
Accepts: e-gold
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250% extra
A welcome and make 250% of your money here. be rich like me.. this site really paid>> Best admin and have live chat + yahoo msger too.
Accepts: egold, ebullion
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4% daily for 50 days
4% daily for 50 days
Accepts: e-gold
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5 Percent Weekly
5 Percent Weekly's commitment to excellence ensures our clients timely and accurate information on which to base their investment decisions. We offer a realistic safe 5% weekly return, and provide you with the comfort of knowing your investment returns are generating profits at any given moment.
Accepts: e-gold
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5hyip is for people who wants to get out of debt and enjoy a worry free life with their loved ones. 5hyip is a group of traders and investors aiming to give you a better return rate in a faster turn around time. This is not a ponzi scam or any sort of scam. We are real traders here.

Accepts: e-gold
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55% - 65% Daily! for 2 days!
Our program is intended for people willing to achieve their financial freedom but unable to do so because they're not financial experts.
All payments are made to your account Daily. Minimum spend is US$10 and there is no maximum.
Accepts: e-gold
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7 Dollar's Magic
If You Have $7 In Your E-Gold Account,
Now You Can Turn It Into $960,799.00
In Just A Few Weeks...
Accepts: e-gold
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* Minimum for Investment is $ 5
* No maximum for Investment
* 8% profit will spend to your e-gold account every days automatically
* Our AUTOMATED System Processes your Investments !

Accepts: e-gold
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A Golden Rock
238% Return PerMonth!
119% By-Weekly
Nobody can touch us as for as returns and preformance...Nobody!
Accepts: e-gold
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A good site plan2future
We provide 2% of your investment to our site.Put your free link on our site.Also we give you 5% of spend made by your reffral.Min deposite is $1 and max:$10000
Accepts: e-gold
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Ryuu88 . com is hyip list and game list monitoring its watching your website u can submit your hyip or game website for free or submit with cheap submit your site now
Accepts: e-gold , all
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102% Interest in 1 second with your e-gold account! Invest Only 1$ & Get Paid Instantly!
Astounding 100% referral profit from every new client you bring to us, paying you up to 500% of your principal!
Accepts: e-gold, Evocash, e-Bullion,
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Returns of up to 2.5% per day and,
Higher rates can be negotiated on larger Investments
Minimum amount to start ? only $150 (?125)
Initial Investment secured
No requirement to reveal source of income
Compounding of interest supported
Experienced, certified financial professionals ? (No Forex Traders)
Control over your funds 24/7

Accepts: E-Gold, E-Bullion, PayPal, WeMoney, Moneybookers
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We invest in forex trading and offshore investment. We give up to 20%. Now we offer web hosting for cheap price.
Accepts: e-gold
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ADVERTISE your HYIP on a Google PR1 website
Advertise your e-gold/Investment business on a Google PR1 "e-gold related search" Website.
500 to 2500 daily visitors!
Accepts: Paypal,e-gold,stormpay
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600% after 1 Day
Accepts: e-gold
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600% after 1 Day
Accepts: e-gold
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All you need to know about HYIP
A complete guide to High Yield Investment Programs. Advice, tools, news and resources
Accepts: e-gold
(Added: Dec 8, 2003 Hits: 3284 Rating: 5) Rate it!
ASTRAsystems, Advanced Strategy Trading Systems,
Real Trading Real Money - sounds crazy in today's online
hyi-world but exceptions confirm the rule.
Our returns are realistic and long term sustainable.
A skilled team with substantial EUREX trading experience
will greatly enhance our members' financial status.
Get the facts at our site now!
Accepts: e-gold
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Receive unlimited $4.50 payments to your paypal or e-gold account. Not a randomiser!
Accepts: Paypal,e-gold
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Auto-Random Duplicated Websites
Earn unlimited $4 payments to your Paypal or e-gold account. Not a randomiser, we create duplicated website(s) with your Paypal or e-gold ID payment button
Accepts: e-gold, Paypal
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Baltic Dividends Inc
Licenced company located in LATVIA

Support: TelePhone, Address, Online, Email

Working since 2004

We offer FREE Debit Cards!!!

Company is located in
Riga 1006

Telephone number

Best policy is Honesty
Accepts: e-gold, Bank Wire, e-bullion
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HYIP, EGames, Blackjack, Dice, HeadTail, etc
Accepts: e-gold
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The best site for hyip monitoring and rating
Accepts: e-gold
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Beta-Gold pays 10% daily for 40 days. A total return of 400%. There is also a 10% referral bonus. Minimum investment is $1 and maximum is $1000.
Accepts: E-gold
(Added: Dec 3, 2003 Hits: 3346 Rating: 5.73) Rate it!
If You want to make your money more and more, invest your money in this program. We'll make Bets for you.
In this program, we will use your money to sport bet market especially in Italia Primer League.
If we lose, it's not mean that you lost your money. For some days you will not recieve payment, but then after we won again, we will pay to You again.
We do guarantee 10% daily profit of your investments.

Accepts: e-gold
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Plan A 10-100 2% daily
Plan B 101-1,000 2.5% daily
Plan C 1,001-2,500 3% daily daily
Plan D 2,501+ 4% daily
All payments are made to your account Daily.
Minimum spend is US$10 and there is no maximum.
You may make additional spend as many times as you like.
Accepts: e-gold
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Brian's Talkgold HYIP Forum
HYIP Portal and Forum. Over 9000 members and growing
Accepts: E-gold
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Buddy's Bank
Take a look at Buddy's bank!

Paying 30% a day for 4 days! 120%

Payments start the next day!

Accepts: e-gold
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Business Investor's Program
BIP is designed to help member to get a true and stable residual income from your participation in our program.

To become BIP member, you can click to signup now button and buy at least one unit share. 1 unit shares = USD 50

For every unit you buy, you will get 1% every day except Sunday because Sunday is unworking day. That not all, we also have lucky draw program where we will choose randomly one winner from our member. The winner will get extra 2% for that week. That means you will get 6-8% per week. The interest will be paid weekly. You will get your payment on Sunday. You will be paying for one year (365 day).

Accepts: e-gold
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Earn Total Return 150-350 Within 30 MinutesThe minimum spend is 1 and the maximum is 1000Spends must be made in whole US dollar amounts. Payments are based on full e-gold spend. Multiple spends are allowed. We can guarantee that there will be no missed payout.
Accepts: e-gold
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Earn unlimited $2 payment to your stormpay account with our Stormpay Cash Random Payment System
Accepts: stormpay
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Daily Paid Profit
We are a group of stable traders, exchange partners and investment analysts. Since we have returned funds from a mixture of forex, trading, stocks, investment pooling, share certificates and real estates. The more investments members will make, the more profit we will bring to them and us. We are backed by multi-nation human resources for this business for years and officially made it possible online as part of our businesses outreaching offshore investments.
Accepts: e-gold
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Day Zero HYIPs
Day Zero HYIPs is a HYIP listing site that specializes on publishing all the new high yield investment programs that launched during the last 7 days. This list is updated on a daily basis.
Accepts: e-gold
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A honest and long term investment fund that pays 2% daily. Principal amount is withdrawable at anytime.
Accepts: E-gold
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Dollar Investors
This is a fantastic opportunity for the serious investor.

Spend either Paypal or e-gold

This some exciting stuff!

15 to 20% per week interest paid and you get that 10 times!

150% to 200% on each spend

Complete with phone contact

Accepts: Paypal, e-gold
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Invest as little as $11 for your chance to make $8,100 in Paypal, stormpay or egold payments. No advertising, no building downlines, we do everything for you and guarantee 25 signups under you. Join our free affiliate program and make $1 for every lead
Accepts: e-gold
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