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All Things Anime
All Things Anime is dedicated to the wonderful world of Anime. We offer the best in anime magazines, manga comics, dvd's, movies, games, toys, clothing and more. We import directly from Japan.
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Cnotes.Info - Your Banknotes Shopping Center
Hello and Welcome to Cnotes.Info - Banknotes Shopping Center, where every dealer can open his own webshop to sell his banknotes, where every visitor can surf thru multiple shops, view galleries of banknotes from all around the world, and purchase them directly from dealer!!
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Collectible Coins
Collectible Coins and Paper Money from All Over the World: Ancient, US, UK, China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Netherlands.
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Collectible unique Sports and Topical art by Ray Tapajna
Collect unique Sports art by Ray Tapajna, award winning artist- see rankings worldwide at Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Jim Thome (in Cleveland or Phillies uniform), Manny Ramirez (in Cleveland or Boston uniform),Omar Vizquel,Roberto Alomar and also Paul McCartney- Let it Be and Soldiers on Patrol. Prices start at $10 for 5x7 print numbered, dated, signed, certified and finished by the artist himself to grow in value. email for other pricing including direct to canvas fabric in 8/10 for $60 each or 3 art prints for $150 delivered.
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GoldenGrams Gold Nuggets and Coins
GoldenGrams offers an array of natural gold nuggets and quality gold and silver coins. Payment by e-gold is preferred!
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Great Stuff and More Fine Art Shopping New York
Welcome to Greatstuffandmore Westfield New York Antique and Fine Art Shopping Mall. Here you will fine the finest collection of antique furniture, Fine Art, Modern art, old navajo blanket, Toys, Jewelry, Primitive Antiques, Collectibles, Pottery and Glass and assorted Craft items for sale at the lowest prices. Check out our collection of early 1970s paintings by Jocelyn Ajami with absolute providence. Other new items include Yves Ganne, a great 1893 lithograph by Lautrec, and a 1960 cubist painting by Turgeon. We also feature products such as an ancient south east asian Shiva copper.
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Maple Grove Antiques and Collectibles
Quality antiques and collectibles from Wisconsin. Dolls, toys, porcelain, pottery, knives, razors, beer glasses, beer signs, more! Seven day money back guarantee.
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Material Pleasures
A large selection of vintage textiles including fabric, lace, trim, quilts, linens, pillowcases, handkerchiefs, Victorian Paisley Shawls, and Buttons.
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Neodymium Glass
Amazing collection of Neodymium Glass. A rare earth, (element #60) used in Laser rods, and lenses to color correct light. art designs etc. These Laser Rods/Discs were from an unclassified government project, and have unsurpassed qualities; being not just the grade of Neodymium Glass used, but with exact specifications, and polishing requirements.
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Quality Antiques & Collectibles. Unique Items for sale. From antiques to decorative accessories, pottery, porcelain, art deco, boxes, art nouveau, barware, memorabilia, vintage toys, art deco design, trendy jewelry, collectible plates, porcelain plates and how to books.
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From Russia, Porcelian Consumer Goods & Collectible Store. Lomonosov porcelain, figuriness, Collectibles from St. Petersburg Russia. From tea set, tea pot or dinner service - to antique figurines!
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Sovereign Stamp Company -
Great Britain & Commonwealth Stamps For Collectors.
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Star Coins
A site for the discriminating coin collecter and those interested in obtaining an unusual gift for someone special in their life.
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